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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Colorado - Part 2

These are some of pictures from Colorado. It is a really pretty state. We hope to go back some day.

This is a sunset. It looks like a fire. It was really pretty.

This is Black Canyon National Park.

This is some of the wildlife we saw. Sorry so blurry.

We were sitting on the back porch and this deer just walked right on by.

This is a moose and her two babies. Sorry that is blurry. This was so cool to see.

Lyn and I were walking around town one day and this flower was was in a hanging basket at one of the shops. It is just Beautiful! I can not remember the name of it. It doesnt look real does it?

Yep - that is me. Yuck! But I was freezing! This was the day we got there and is was drizzling and the wind was blowing like crazy.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back to the heat/school....

Fred and I went to Colorado last week. We had a great time. Fred caught lots of fish. We brought some home so we are going to have a fish fry for Nathan's birthday. It was so nice and cool there. I had never been to Colorado so I was really excited to go. We stay in Lake City with some friends. They have rented a house for 2 months this summer. Here are some of the pictures from out trip. Of course the weather decided to get HOT again(just when we returne
Next week back to school. Summer vacation is OVER :(

The Great Sand Dunes National Park was really cool. There are these sand dunes surrounded by mountains. Really strange.

Fred fishing in this stream that ran right down the middle of Lake City. So nice.

This is the house we stayed at. It was really nice inside. All the comforts of home. These are our friends/hosts. We had a great time. Thanks Lyn and Ronnie. See ya in September.