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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Got a new car....

I got a new Tahoe last week. My other one was 7 years old. The color is called Blue Granite. We test drove several different SUV's and finally decided on the Tahoe. Fred shopped around and got a really good deal. Looking forward to taking it on the road when we go to Colorado next month. We are going to Lake City. I have never been to Colorado so I am looking forward to it.

Meet Sophie

Fred went to Tractor Supply yesterday and came home with a puppy. They told him she is part lab and part retriever. She is 9 weeks old. I dont know what he was thinking. We do not need another dog. We are going to Colorado for 7 days next month, what are we going to do with her while we are gone. OMGoodness! Well she is a cutie and we will probably figure something out.